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Background Story        

Born the seventh child of a modern-day "Brady Bunch" family of 9 siblings, Chauntá is no stranger to being a team player. Coming from a large family gave her a natural ability to collaborate, communicate, and problem-solve. Growing up in a large, close-knit family gave her an unconditional love for people and a healthy understanding of various personality traits. As a sheltered child with no access to cable and an extensive collection of movies, creativity came easy for Chauntá. She and her siblings spent many days using their talents to entertain themselves and each other. Chauntá comes from a highly talented family of entrepreneurs and hard workers.

A woman of many talents and skills, Chauntá comes from a highly talented family of entrepreneurs. A gifted writer since elementary school, she was writing poems, songs, and short stories throughout her adolescence. Chauntá was voted Student council president and the captain of the dance drill team in high school. High school leadership roles helped her to develop skills in choreography, team management, and event planning at an early age. Adding a  seed of experience in technology, her first job was through a school-to-work program where she was paid to learn how to build a computer from scratch. In addition, she joined a program called  MATA, which was a community media center that trained individuals to broadcast local television shows. Connections through school and the program led her to be a helper on the local sitcom, Mixed Generation Television ( Mixed GTV) starring comedian D Rock.  Chauntá has proven to excel at anything she sets her mind to and her attempt at photography was no exception. Taking a class to learn how to take and develop pictures in a dark room landed her a winning opportunity to have her photographs placed in the Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee, WI. It's no wonder Chauntá was voted "Most likely to become an entertainer" in her high school yearbook, her natural abilities and strengths in addition to training (including ballet, piano, flute, and drums) make her a well-rounded candidate for many positions within the entertainment business.

Chauntá started her first legal business at the age of 19. She and a friend started a record label called Hazard Inc Productions. Responsible for handling the business and marketing for the brand, Chauntá created the cover art for all of their CDs and flyers, wrote bios for the artists, managed their branding, created most of the digital assets, wrote contracts, and organized and filed the paperwork.  The label had 2 talented female artists and she and her business partner wrote music for the two artists and a national recording artist named, Cincere. Chauntá's record label experience did not end well. Disagreements between the partners led to the dissolving of the label and ultimately pushed her into the beauty industry where she was able to utilize her understanding and love for People and hone in on her passion for Marketing. In this journey, she went from an amateur hair braider to a high-demand braiding professional, Natural hair salon owner, and hair care product line partner.

Years later, set down by the pandemic, Chauntá found herself enrolling in her dream school, Full Sail University to work on living the dream she had started years before. She realized that doing hair was simply not her passion and that life was just too short to spend even a second doing anything you had no desire to do. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in digital marketing at Full Sail was a no-brainer for Chauntá, considering her love for marketing. Today, Chauntá's only dream is to experience life and add value to the industry she has had a crush on since childhood.

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Data Analyzation
Content Creation
SEO and SEM 
Communication and Reporting
Client Relationship Management  
Social Media Management/ Strategy
Basic Designing skills
Website Development
Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns
Facebook Ad Campaigns
Email Marketing Campaign Development
Backlink Building
Press Releases Writing
EPK Creation
Conduct Market Research
PR Campaign development
Brand Style Guide
Data Analyzation
Certified Digital Marketer for Facebook/Instagram
Project Management
Adobe Suite
Microsoft 360

As Lead coordinator and artist Liason, Led a team of coordinators in managing career development tasks for multiple recording artists for 3300+Climbing (2020-2022)

Coordinated multiple interactive learning events for Full Sail IL sessions (2021-2022)

As VP of Social Media, Led the Full Sail chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars's Social Media team in the successful management of multiple social media platforms; Winning National Recognition For Engagement (2021-2022)

As President, Led the FS-NSCS in raising the most funds for the Alzheimer's Association Pi-Day fundraiser. (2023)

Was Nationally Recognized by the NSCS for outstanding leadership as the president of the Full Sail chapter. (2022)

Hall of Fame Experience Essay Contest winner (2023)

Graduated Solutiarian of the Digital Marketing class; Also received the Advance Achievement award and a course directors award for marketing (2023)

Was Keynote speaker for the FS-NSCS Pinning Celebration for new members (2023)

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